Aluminum soffit installation
Aluminum Soffit
Canopy soffit installation at gas station
Canopy Soffit

Aluminum Soffits

Custom Pro is one of the most experienced aluminum soffit installation companies on Vancouver Island.  We are able to provide many different custom colours in vented and non-vented to match the needs of your project.  In addition to light-gauge soffits, we also install heavy-gauge commercial soffits.

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Canopy Soffits

Large soffit jobs, such as gas stations, call for a different approach to soffiting. Custom Pro has completed many projects where heavy-gauge canopy soffits were required.

Fibre-Cement Soffits

Fibre-cement products aren’t just for the walls of your project, but they can also be used for the soffits.  Continuous venting can be accomplished with either a perforated material, or with a continuous venting strip built in to the soffit.

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Vinyl Soffits

Custom Pro can provide designer beaded vinyl soffit, as well as regular 4-panel and 2-panel vinyl.  All of our vinyl soffit profiles come in a variety of colours, and can provide ventilation to the attic space.

Wood Soffits

To add a custom look to your project, Custom Pro can provide many different types of wood soffits, such as Cedar, Pine, and Fir.  All of these materials come in a variety of grades and profiles to match the look of your project.

Wood Soffits

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